Madison Co. high schools receive CPR training kits

JACKSON, Tenn. — Jackson-Madison County high schools received a potentially life-saving gift Tuesday.

cprkitAmerican Heart Association Regional Director Christy Futrell presented Jackson-Madison County principals with CPR training kits. “This is just going to update the resources and just give a fresh, new approach and look to CPR,” she said.

Every high school in the district will get one. The kits include manikins, DVDs and AED simulators. The hands-on training tools help students and adults learn CPR.

“We are staying abreast to everything that’s going on in the world of CPR and making sure that the kids understand the logistics and everybody knows how to use it just in case we have to,” JMCSS Instructional Leadership Director Dr. Janice Epperson said.

The American Heart Association said all of the private high schools in Jackson-Madison County will also receive a CPR training kit.

JMCSS said every high school in the district already has a team trained in CPR. Epperson said this is an extra up-to-date tool. “We are doing everything we can to take precautionary measures to make sure that they are safe,” she said.

The American Heart Association said only one out of 10 people survive a heart attack outside the hospital. “Unless you have CPR, your chances of survival are just drastically decreased,” she said.

A grant from the American Heart Association paid for the kits. Futrell said each one costs between $600 and $700.

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