Jury convicts Dyer man of reckless homicide in 2014 stabbing

TRENTON, Tenn. — A Gibson County jury convicts a Dyer man of reckless homicide in the 2014 death of Jon Adam Carroll.

jeremy-cole-courtThe jury deliberated Wednesday night for nearly four hours.

Before retiring to chambers, the defendant, Jeremy Cole, took the stand to say this is not a murder case but an act of self-defense.

During questioning led by his attorney, Mark Donahoe, Cole claims he drove a friend to Carroll’s home. He testified after a few minutes he made small talk with Carroll about a deer, but the conversation quickly changed tone.

Cole says Carroll, whom he said was armed with a knife, began physically attacking him to the point he was blacking out in between punches.

He said he feared for his life and somehow managed to get the knife and stab Carroll at least once.

Prosecutors disagreed. They also said Carroll had two stab wounds.

In closing arguments, prosecutors also pointed out Cole changed his story between interviews and testimony.

Ultimately, the jury chose to convict Cole of reckless homicide instead of second-degree murder.

Reckless homicide is a felony offense with a four-year maximum sentence, according to Donahoe.

The defense attorney said they were pleased with the outcome of the trial.

Cole is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 17.

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