Mother of student injured in bus crash speaks out


HENDERSON, Tenn. — A frightening scene unfolded Friday along Interstate 65 in Middle Tennessee, impacting families here in West Tennessee.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-5-56-49-pmAuthorities say a school bus from Chester County overturned on an exit 90 ramp, injuring over 30 people, many of them students.

Forty-three students, two chaperones and one bus driver were on the bus when it overturned on Interstate 65.

Director of schools Troy Kilzer has been working with Nashville officials to update families on why the bus rolled over and the students’ current conditions.

“Based on the information that has been shared with me, they lost control of the bus and turned over when they tried to over-adjust,” Kilzer said.

All students were checked on site by EMTs. Out of the 43 students, 23 were injured. Kilzer said four of the 23 — two male and tw0 female — had more critical injuries, but none were considered life threatening.

All involved were taken to different hospitals in Nashville. “They all represent juniors and seniors of our school, so the age range could be from 16 to 18.”

Lisa Bishop, mother of one of the injured students, said her daughter, Calista Trump, was on the bus that overturned.

“My husband got a phone call from Calista herself saying that her arm was possibly broke, her rib — she was having trouble breathing, but she was inside the ambulance with another student,” Bishop said.

Bishop said although her daughter is seriously injured, Calista helped other students off the bus.

“She had a large gash. I don’t know if it’s her shoulder, her back or her arm, but it’s going to require stitches. They were giving her medication at that time,” Bishop said.

“We will get every child back safely,” Superintendent Kilzer said. “Children that are in our care will be taken care of in our care, and they will not be left behind.”

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