Blairs Chapel CME church celebrates 135 years

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-2-36-20-pmJACKSON, Tenn —  One local church has been around for more than a century and they were congratulated on their years of  service through letter from President Barack Obama. A legacy of growth and faith as Blairs Chapel CME church celebrated 135 years. Many church members and guests joined together for a morning of worship.

First Lady, Laterri Miller said “it’s awesome being able to experience God’s people to worship with them and to be on one accord and be able to celebrate this awesome occasion.”


Pastor Terrance Miller will be celebrating his four month anniversary with the church on Thanksgiving. He is looking forward to helping the people in his community and surrounding areas.

“We are working to invite Mr. A Jones of the Madison County Sheriff’s department to come and to give us a dialogue, we’re working on a financial conference also a mental health conference.” Pastor Miller said.

Blairs Chapel welcomed a special guest to deliver the word of God.

Pastor Miller described the guest as “a young man who is very humble a young man who follows God’s own heart.” It was President of Lane college, Dr. Logan Hampton.

Pastor Miller and his wife are both alumnus of Lane and asked the congregation to support the college by donating to them during service. One member has spent 75 years at the church and said many things may change, but there’s one thing that will always stay the same.

“God never change he said he was the same today as he was yesterday. We change God don’t change things.” Church member, Lonell Ellison said.

The celebration continued during an afternoon service with a guest pastor from Gasden, Tennessee.

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