Where to find a last minute holiday meal

JACKSON, Tenn. — Thanksgiving. A day of graciousness, togetherness, and good eating.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-7-29-01-pm-1But if you’re one of the many West Tennesseans who are surprised by the realization that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, don’t start uninviting your friends and family just yet.

Obviously ham, turkey breast, we sell whole turkeys, that are fully cooked. Makes life easy at home,” said Stephen Williams, manager at Honeybaked Ham.

Caterers provide precooked entrees along with a variety of frozen sides and desserts. A short cook time in the microwave or oven is all you need.

Not a master chef? If you can’t take the heat then don’t even bother with the kitchen because there are a number of local restaurants are open on thanksgiving day ready to do the cooking for you.

We have tons of people who come in and say, we just wouldn’t attempt it or they couldn’t find a turkey,” said Zain Hakim, server at Brooksie’s Barn.

Employees at a local grocery store say, if you still want to take the traditional route and cook your own turkey, you shouldn’t have trouble finding one.

“The first round of turkeys came last Tuesday,” said Nicholas Bond, manager at Food Giant, “and we had 8 1/2 palettes of nothing but turkeys.

No matter what you decide to have for dinner, remember one thing…

“Be thankful that you are here and be thankful that you have friends and family,” said Bond.

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