Don’t want to shop this Friday? Here are some other options

JACKSON, Tenn. — Lifeline Blood Services is getting ready for donors to take time on Black Friday to give back to the local community. Workers load up buses hoping shoppers will give blood.

Lifeline Blood Services logoCherie Parker Hale says it’s important to remember that the need for blood still exists on the holidays just like it does every other day of the year.

“Sometimes things get pushed on the back burner because we’re so busy cooking and shopping, but we really don’t need to forget the most important thing is there are people in the hospitals that still need blood even while we’re celebrating and going on with our festivities,” Hale said.

All blood types are needed, but there are some specific types especially wanted, and those are O positive, O negative, B negative and A negative.

You can also enjoy this Friday with a hike at local state parks. In West Tennessee, those parks include Chickasaw and Natchez Trace State Parks. Tennessee State Parks logoThey’ll offer free guided hikes.

This is the third year for the hikes, and rangers say there’s a hike for all ages and abilities.

To learn more about the hikes, click here.

To learn more about where you can donate blood, click here.

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