Millions return home after Thanksgiving holiday

JACKSON, Tenn. – Nearly a quarter of Thanksgiving travelers returned home Sunday, making it the busiest travel day of 2016 so far, according to data compiled by Trip Advisor.

TrafficWhile many people flew home to their destinations, even more people decided to hit the roads.

Those traveling home Sunday on Interstate 40 described driving conditions as “crazy.”

Nate Altman is a student at Harding Academy in Memphis. He said he frequently travels the major highway to visit his hometown in Nashville.

“Usually there is not much traffic that I run into, but today has definitely been an all time high for me,” he said.  “I think I’ve stopped three times already. Traffic is just bumper to bumper.”

Drivers said they encountered numerous accidents, but that wasn’t the only thing slowing them down.

“I think it’s been more congested because with the wreck we saw, people are just wanting to slow down,” driver Dylan Zen said.  “I just urge people to keep on driving through and not try to stop and watch.”

AAA reported a seven percent spike in holiday travel this year. They predict this comes from changes in the economy and better gas prices.

Darrell Nordam, an employee for a wireless group based out of Louisiana, travels frequently for his job and gave advice for those driving home this holiday season.

“If you see a vehicle approaching behind you that is going faster than you, get over in the other lane and let them pass,” he said. “It will help the flow of traffic.”

Drivers said they also noticed many state troopers patrolling the highway.

Lamarr Chatman, who was driving home from visiting his family in Chattanooga, said he saw many people getting pulled over.

“People just need to take their time, they are going to get there eventually,” he said.

The National Safety Council reported 386 national roadway deaths during the thanksgiving travel period in 2015.

Travel advisers advise people to always be aware of their surroundings when driving in holiday traffic.

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