West Tennessee enters secondary severe weather season

EAST JACKSON, Tenn. — Nearly a year ago, a tornado touched down in Selmer, Tennessee, leaving families homeless and devastation in its path.

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-5-30-12-pmWe are entering secondary severe weather season again and officials want to remind West Tennesseans of ways to best survive a potentially damaging storm ahead.

“Get some sturdy boots when you go to bed tonight. Put them by your bed… hammer, a good pair of gloves…”

Marty Clements, Jackson-Madison County Emergency Management Director, said this is a good start to what he refers to as a disaster kit. Additional items he recommends…flashlight, first aid kit, medication, and some cash.

Another precaution to prepare for with the chance of severe weather is to make sure you do not have any decorations outside, that could get blown away.

“These become missiles as the wind picks them up and flies them around,” said Clements.

Clements also said, knowledge is power when it comes to storm preparation. He recommends keeping up with weather notification systems that send out important alerts.

“Keep up with the bulletins and stuff that WBBJ puts out and other people on the radio and all. So that you can track,” says Clements. “Because in this day and time, we have a better knowledge of where the storm and when its going to happen.”

Officials say, their intent is to not scare people, but rather to keep them weather-aware.

“What happens if it hits and it wasn’t supposed to, and it hits and were not prepared? That’s not the time that you to go out and gas up your car,” said Clements. “That’s not the time that you go and have to get batteries for your flashlight.”

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