New ‘Code Red’ emergency alert app for Hardeman co. residents

screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-4-03-38-pm-1MIDDLETON, Tenn — Residents of Hardeman county now have access to a new notification system.

Code Red is an app that launches alerts to community members when there’s an emergency. The system will be used for weather updates, missing persons, criminal activity in the area, public information, and dangerous events.

County Mayor, Jimmy Sain, said being in a rural county residents are 70 to 75 miles away from a major trauma center and he believes Code Red will help save many lives.

“Our problem now is all of your home phones or your landlines are automatically in the database but we’re trying to get all the cell phones registered so it will follow folks wherever their at during the day at work or recreational activities or whatever they’ll still get the same notices.”

County Mayor Sain says if you haven’t got your cell phone registered and need help to do so contact the Hardeman County Sheriff’s office.

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