Lane College surveys community on Jackson Central Merry property

JACKSON, Tenn — School board members, county commissioners,  pastors and a community all coming together for the sake of east Jackson.

Tuesday Lane College held an open discussion and survey on how a recently closed school can better a community.

“Re-purposing the Jackson Central Merry grounds as apart of that larger effort.” Executive Vice President of Lane College Moses Goldmon said.

This is all thanks to the Robert Wood Johnson planning grant awarded to a team Lane College is apart of.

“The city of Jackson is the grantee and this all grows out of apart of the One Jackson Plan and the mayors office is really responsible for that.” Goldmon said.

And the purpose is to better the community.

“It’s a discussion that’s apart of a larger initiative to look at increasing the environment in the east Jackson area so that it’s a healthier environment for living, learning, playing and praying.” Goldmon said.

Those gathered filled out the survey then discussed what they would like to see happen with the property.

“If you’re going to build something to benefit the east Jackson community then the stakeholders in the community should have a key role in understanding first and foremost what is being done by the city.” Goldmon said.

It’s a project that will involve young community members, students of Lane College.

“Lane students will be helping us to develop surveys in the east Jackson community with residents, businesses and key stakeholders.” Goldmon said.

Input from the survey includes thoughts about what makes a healthy community, personal health, ideas about a safe community and exercise facilities in the area.

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