Tesla car charging station opens in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — New technology draws drivers to a famous landmark in Jackson.

Casey Jones Village hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday at its new Tesla Supercharger station.

Old Country Store Owner Brooks Shaw said it is one of more than 300 across the country. “We’re very proud that we’re able to use the technology and the tools of the future to introduce people to the past,” Shaw said.

Drivers with a Tesla electric car can come, plug in and charge for free.

Jim Geary owns several electric vehicles. “These chargers will charge a car basically the same speed it takes to fill up a car with gas,” Geary said. “They’re just super fast.”

Shaw said the Tesla Supercharger station at the Casey Jones Village is the only one between Memphis and Nashville.

Eight Tesla electric vehicles can charge at the same time. Shaw said he is seeing visitors that otherwise would not have stopped. “They’re coming here,” Shaw said. “They’re spending their money. They’re coming in the store.”

Driver Joe Mehaffey recharged on his way from Memphis to Atlanta. “We stopped because we needed to charge for 15 minutes,” he said.

Shaw said Tesla installed the charging stations in mid-November. “We’re seeing between 25 and 40 cars a week,” he said.

Shaw said they expect that number to grow as electric cars become more popular.

Shaw said Tesla paid about $50,000 to install the charging stations.

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