Humboldt police believe shooting victims were targeted

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — Police are investigating two separate Tuesday shootings that left one dead and sent another to the hospital.

“I am deeply saddened that we had two shootings yesterday in Humboldt — one that is hopefully going to be OK and one that did not make it. That’s sad for our city,” Police Chief Robert Ellis said.

Both incidents happened only hours apart, which left many residents in fear.

Officers say they believe the victims of both shootings were targeted.

“You can’t sit at home with your doors open anymore,” resident Daisy Porter said. “You got to keep it locked at all time.”

Another resident, Virginia Holmes, said people who live in the area are afraid. “A lot of folks in the projects, they don’t hardly want to come out because they scared over there by Westside.”

The first shooting happened in the parking lot of Westside grocery store. Police said Mariquiaus Pettigrew, 24, was shot twice.

“As far as we know, he’s going to survive,” Chief Ellis said. “We think he has to have some medical procedures done this morning, but he is expected to be OK.”

Hours later in the 900 block of North 13th Avenue, William Vinson, 27, was found dead. Police are treating it as a homicide.

“This wasn’t just a random act where an innocent person or somebody just happened to be at a location was targeted,” Chief Ellis said. “They were specifically targeted, we believe at this time.”

Some residents feel the violence has gotten out of hand.

“That could have been my son, could have been anybody,” Porter said. “I know it’s somebody’s son, but I just pray that whatever the situation, whatever went on with that person, and I just hope it ends.”

Police urge anyone with information to come forward. You can reach Humboldt police at 731-784-1322.

“Anybody that has information about a retaliation possibly happening, please let us know so we can be proactive and try to get this violence to stop,” Chief Ellis said. “It’s unnecessary, and we don’t want any more of this in our city.”

Ellis said they have a suspect developed in the grocery store shooting and will release more information as they can. At this time, there are no suspects in the homicide.

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