Jacob Rimmer signs with Blue Devils

MILAN, Tenn — At Milan High School, it was no surprise as Jacob Rimmer honored his commitment to Duke University. He said, he has already known he was going to be a Blue Devil for about a year and a half now, and is excited to make it official.  We asked him what was it that made him choose to attend Duke University.

“I’d say probably the coaches, the coaches were a big part of it, and then Duke has a great medical school too,” Rimmer said.  I’m wanting to go into the medical field so that had a big role in it too.”

As for what made the Blue Devils so appealing to Rimmer at first.

“Just the family aspect of things, because most colleges they’re just like a football factory, and they just care about your football, but Duke cares about the man you become.”

Rimmer said he will continue to get stronger and look to improve his game as he is expected to play right away once he gets to Durham.