Newly installed Bishop of Memphis visits Humboldt church

HUMBOLDT, Tenn — One local church honored a newly appointed bishop of the Catholic diocese of Memphis. Members of Sacred Heart of Humboldt gathered Saturday afternoon to honor a special guest.

Pastor Jacek Kowal said “really and truly this church is his as well as mine and so he is really the pastor of this church so every time he comes it’s like the pastor coming to his church and that’s why it’s so important.”

Bishop Martin Holley, who’s the fifth bishop appointed to the diocese of Memphis, said one of his many roles is to be an overseer.

“My job is to go out see the parishes to be with my brother priest and it’s just so exciting to be here this evening.” Bishop Holley said

Pastor Kowal said inviting Bishop Holley to mass gave him a chance to meet the congregation. After service members gathered outside for a memorable ceremony.

“He has placed outside a statue of the sacred heart of Jesus.” Bishop Holley said. “Which is dedicated in my honor for my installation as the 5th bishop of Memphis.”

Pastor Holley said the appointment came as a surprise to him last year, but now that he has the position he plans to use his love for God to minister to churches across west Tennessee.

“Together we will collaborate and we will look at what are some of the things that we see that needs to be done here in the diocese of Memphis so it’s a collaborative effort.” Bishop Holley said.

Pastor Kowal said Saturday was Bishop Holley’s first time visiting Sacred Heart of Humboldt, and they wanted to make his time there extra special with a dinner after the service.

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