JMCSS Education Vision Committee meets, talks repairs

JACKSON, Tenn — Tuesday evening, the Education Vision Committee held their monthly meeting to brainstorm and collaborate on the future of the district.

In the meeting, the committee focused on a need for more money from the county for updates and repairs to many schools.

“All buildings we looked at that are over 30 years old are all virtually damaged from moisture infiltration over a long period of years either from roof failures or brick failures,” Ginger French said.

French is an architect and partner at the firm hired to assess each building and to offer recommendations.

French said some buildings are in catastrophic condition and are in desperate need of new roofs.

“At least eight other roofs that I can think of that need to be replaced within one to two years, they are starting failure and if they do not get replaced any storm event that Jackson has, they can be a failure and end up like Whitehall,” French said.

The estimated cost for the repairs totals around $20 million, but for the critical and dire repairs needed.

The board says it needs $4.6 million.

From failing roofs to falling bricks these are just a few of the repairs needed.

French says they all need TLC especially Madison which is 88 years old.

“When we were in the facility the water damage was so severe in most classroom areas that the materials were actually crumbling off the walls from all the moisture,” French said.

Superintendent Ruffin said the county financial management committee approved the $1.6 million in the fund balance for the school system.

They voted to take the remaining $3 million needed before the county commissioners for an official vote.


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