Leaders Credit Union earns Lifeline’s ‘Battle of the Banks’ trophy

JACKSON, Tenn. — Banks in West Tennessee battled it out for blood last month, and the bank with the most donations was awarded Thursday with the trophy from Lifeline Blood Services.

Leaders Credit Union won the competition by having 50 people come in and donate blood.

Seven banks competed for the trophy, and in total 171 people came out to donate between Jan. 16 and 27.

The competition winners say they were proud to receive the trophy.

“Giving blood is a personal gift in a way, and it’s a way to really give to others in the community to help them benefit, and so we’re really proud to be a part of this particular blood drive,” Leaders Credit Union President and CEO Todd Swims said.

“We’re humans and we’re competitive, but by having these battles of the banks, battles of the badges, the reason we do that is because, overall, it’s helping our community,” Lifeline Blood Services CEO John B. Miller said.

If you’d like to learn more about giving blood, call Lifeline Blood Services at 800-924-6572 or visit lifelinebloodserv.org.

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