Average February Returns!


It has been a calm night across West Tennessee, minus the heavy wind that peaked around 15mph in some areas. Temperatures are staying considerably warm as well, for the month February! It is currently 60° here in Jackson and the upper 50’s and lower 60’s are blanketing the viewing area. Clouds moved into the area earlier last night and will continue stick around until at least Sunday afternoon. It is going to be a gloomy day in West Tennessee because scattered and light showers will linger for most of us into the overnight hours. There is a heavy southerly wind in place which is going to make the temperatures soar into the upper 60’s and maybe even the 70’s today despite such gloomy conditions.

Sunday is going to bring similar conditions, but it will only last for half of the day. Rain will continue during the morning and early afternoon hours, but after lunch time it should taper off. There is also a possibility for sunshine to shine through before sunset. Temperatures will be just as warm also.

The beginning of the work week we will return to what is average for the month of February. The rain will diminish by Sunday evening and skies will clear. Temperatures, however, are going to fall back down into the middle 50’s and will stay that way for the rest of the week. Clouds will return on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, bringing a slight chance of rain with it that will remain in place for Wednesday. By the end of the week, skies will clear again, but temperatures will stay average around the 50’s.

Lainey Catron
Storm Team 7 Forecaster
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