WRAP supports ‘One Billion Rising’ national campaign

JACKSON, Tenn — The Women’s Resource and Rape Assistance Program, better known as WRAP, hosted a flash mob in support of a national campaign aimed at stopping violence against women. Many west Tennesseans grabbed their dancing shoes and creative signs to take a stand against domestic violence.

Each year during the month of February the ‘One Billion Rising’ campaign is recognized. Statistics show 1 of 3 women across the world will be beaten or raped during her lifetime.

WRAP Board Member, Lendon Noe said “look to your left look, to your right, one of you has been abused has been beaten we think that’s unacceptable.”

WRAP has brought awareness to the campaign for years, but never with a flash mob. Organizers said they chose the mall purposely to attract a large audience.

Senior Shelter Coordinator, Valerie Conley said “it’s just about making sure that even though we’re dealing with a serious subject the outreach part of it can be fun and can draw others into it.”

While some participants danced, others held meaningful signs explaining how domestic violence is real and impacts us all.

“There are so many women being affected by this that we just don’t see it unless it’s right in front of us.” Volunteer, Janet Bolton said. “And so this is a good opportunity for people to be aware of what is going on with our women.”

As the women ‘Rise Up’ in solidarity against domestic violence, organizers said they won’t stop until it ends.

“We’re looking forward to a day when we can dance in joy  because we’ve defeated that statistic.” Noe said.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance please call WRAP at 668-0411, or call their crisis hotline.

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