Lamartez Brooks signs with Murray State

MILAN, Tenn — Two weeks after national signing day, Milan’s Lamartez Brooks signed his national letter of intent to become a Murray State Racer. Brooks said it didn’t matter to him when he signed, as long as he could keep playing football. He will join multiple West Tennessee athletes who also signed with the Racers this February, saying they helped recruit him a little bit once they signed.

“I think it’ll be real fun because I mean we’re all athletic so we’ll get to do a lot and have a lot of fun out there and win a lot of games,” Brooks said.

Brooks had three other offers, but explained why he chose Murray State.

“It just felt like home to me, like the players and coaches all around and the school, I like it,” Brooks said.

He also said the school had the field he wanted to study, so that made the decision easier. Brooks will major in Business.