Jackson civic group honors Woman of the Year


JACKSON, Tenn. — After years of service to the Jackson community, the Hub City honors its newest Woman of the Year.

The Jackson Rotary Club surprised Mary Jane McWherter Wednesday afternoon with the 65th annual Woman of the Year Award.

“It is such an honor and a privilege to be in the ranks with those wonderful women and accomplished women,” McWherter said.

Board members and friends celebrated Mary Jane’s donation of her time and talents to Jackson organizations such as the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation, the Exchange Club Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, and Hands Up Preschool.

“She was one of the first people I heard of who’s in everything and wants to help in any way she can and has never said no,” said Katie Pace, president of the Jackson Rotary Club. “She just jumps in there and still sets an incredible example for young women, being a wife and a mother.”

Mary Jane says she’s involved in a number of organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of Jackson and encourages members of the community to do the same.

“You make really good friends, giving to the community,” McWherter said. “You also feel so good about your community when you find out more about it.”

And what is next for the Woman of the Year?

“I hope to continue with some of the organizations that I am working with right now,” McWherter said. “And there’s always room in the future to join with people in the community working to make Jackson a better place.”

This is the first year the Jackson Rotary Club has hosted the Woman of the Year ceremony.

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