Woman charged in Huntingdon drug bust


CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. — Alert community members are credited with shutting down a suspected drug house in Huntingdon.

Beverly Cole

A Thursday raid not only netted drugs but also an arrest. Beverly Cole, 44, is facing drug charges after police say they found at least four types of drugs Thursday afternoon while searching her home.

“Usually when you go to a residence looking for drugs, it’s usually one type of drug or maybe two at the most,” Huntingdon police commander Johnny Hill said. “But this was quite a bit of difference in the type of drugs that was there.”

Investigators say they searched the home after several people reported unusual traffic in the area.

With the help of their canine officer, Huntingdon investigators say they uncovered more than 7 grams of crystal meth, 5 grams of cocaine, Oxycodone pills, Xanax pills and other drug paraphernalia at Cole’s residence.

She was arrested Thursday and is currently out on bond.

Officers say even though the individual amounts weren’t a lot, it’s not unusual for a drug dealer to only keep a small amount on them.

“They usually travel with smaller amounts and keep smaller amounts with them,” Hill said. “It just cuts down on the charge, so it’s pretty common these days.”

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a crime.

Director of Public Safety Walter Smothers says he was pleased with the outcome of the investigation and has one message for drug dealers in Huntingdon.

“Anybody who wants to sell drugs in Huntingdon, sooner or later we’re going to come knocking on your door,” he said.

Cole is set to appear Wednesday in Carroll County General Sessions Court.

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