Knipp, Jones named as final candidates for JMCSS superintendent

JACKSON, Tenn. — A vote by the Jackson-Madison County School Board of Education determined Eric Jones and Tammy Knipp as the two final candidates to continue the interview process for the superintendent position.

“I think both choices would make a great superintendent, and I am excited for the future of our schools,” board member George Neely said.

But school board member David Clifft was the most outspoken at the meeting, bringing up concerns that Eric Jones was already pre-selected and the board is now just “going through motions.”

“There are a lot of people in the community that believe Eric Jones has already been selected,” he said. “I just wanted to get that out on the table.”

Clifft told board members during the meeting if they already had their mind made up about choosing Jones since he is local, they should go ahead and offer him the contract.

“None of the board members spoke up, so I hope that means they’re not committed,” he said. “I hope that means the rumors are false, but you never know.”

He also expressed concerns about how only three candidates were originally accepted for consideration.

“Two more could have been added easily, maybe even more,” he said. “I’ve never been comfortable that only three were accepted for consideration.”

He asked board members if they would be open to bring in more people to interview, but they voted to only continue with the selected candidates.

“When the board adopts a process or makes a decision then, even if it’s contrary to what I personally think, I’m required to abide by the process and abide by the decision,” he said. “That’s the will of the board.”

Board members say they hope the new superintendent will start by June 1 because current superintendent Verna Ruffin’s contract expires June 30.

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