Crockett Co. sheriff opens up about former deputy’s federal indictment


CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. — The investigation that led to Calvin Fields’ federal indictment started in January when Crockett County Sheriff Troy Klyce said suspicions were raised about what his then-deputy was doing while on duty.

“Came to our attention there may be some issues involving Officer Fields,” Sheriff Klyce said. “We didn’t really think it was much to it but we had to look into it anyway.”

Klyce asked the FBI and Drug Task Force to lead the investigation, which uncovered evidence, he said, showing Fields was not the officer he thought he was.

On Feb. 13, while on duty, Kylce said Fields was caught on camera providing security in his patrol car while cocaine was being delivered to undercover federal agents. Investigators said he was armed with his department-issued .40-caliber pistol at the time.

“Officers are human. They make mistakes, and sometimes they just make real bad ones,” Klyce said.

According to Klyce, Fields was hired in October 2014 as a jailer and promoted that December to deputy. Sheriff Klyce said this is something he never expected.

“No, absolutely not. He’s been a great officer,” Klyce said. “Never had a write-up. Everybody here just really thought a whole lot of him, and still do.”

The sheriff said only a select few knew about the investigation into Fields, which he said was tough but the right thing to do.

“Actually, it would have been easy to terminate him on policy violations a month ago,” Klyce said. “But with something of this magnitude, it was important that we pursue it to the end.”

Fields made his first court appearance Tuesday and will return before a federal judge Thursday morning for his bond hearing. Fields was indicted on two counts, one for drug distribution and the other a weapons charge. If convicted, he faces a minimum of five years in prison but could be sentenced to life behind bars.

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