Jackson business owner says pit bulls trapped clients inside building

JACKSON, Tenn. — Pit bulls reportedly trapped people inside a midtown Jackson business on Monday. The business owner said the dogs started giving her problems about a month ago.

Cell phone video shows an animal control officer trying to catch two pit bulls running loose on Hawthorne Place in Jackson on Monday. Jeany Byth Maxwell owns a tax service on the street.

“My clients felt trapped in here,” Maxwell said. “I’m not as afraid of them, but my clients felt trapped in here.”

Maxwell said her clients got scared and called the city for help. “There’s a mama dog and a puppy, and the mama dog is aggressive,” she said.

Jackson Animal Control Officer Whitney Owen responded and got the owner to put the aggressive dog away. “I had an extra tie-out cable and a yard stake in the truck along with a collar,” Owen said. “So I think we’ve rectified the problem.”

Owen said Jackson has a leash law. “The dog has to be restrained on your property, period,” she said.

Owen said habitual violators could end up in court. “If it’s a continuing violation, it’s a $50 fine for every day that the violation has been going on,” she said. “If it’s a one-time thing, it’s a $50 fine per incident.”

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News attempted to contact the pit bull owner, but no one came to the door.

Owen said they have been in the neighborhood before but not for this specific pit bull. Maxwell said they have called several times about the animals. “I feel like if I have to abide by that law, everybody needs to,” Maxwell said.

Owen confirmed no one was hurt.

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