Rep. Shaw encourages JSCC students to vote

JACKSON, Tenn. — Rep. Johnny Shaw stepped on campus at Jackson State Community College Monday morning to speak to students about exercising their right to vote.

“If you don’t vote, you don’t deserve what you’re getting,” Rep. Shaw, D-Bolivar, said. “In fact, you are violating your own rights to sit at this table, to go to Jackson State.”

Shaw was asked to speak at the event in honor of Black History Month. Students said it was inspiring to hear from the state leader.

“He gave us the story of why he got into what he wanted to do,” student Shaina Mangham said.

They were also told by Shaw about the importance of each vote, for local and national leaders.

“I think we all have the right to vote, so if it counts, you might as well just vote,” student Blanca Reyes said.

“It’s just really important to vote, because if you don’t, things don’t get changed,” Mangham said. “Stuff doesn’t get handled. It can backfire on you or you can make it work, either way.”

Shaw visited with students after speaking and answering questions. After hosting the representative, students were given the opportunity to register and vote.

“I’m 17 right now, but I have already filled out a voter registration card, and my parents have always told me how important it is to vote, so I will definitely be voting in the next election,” student Grayson Knight said.

Shaw has been elected nine times. He first took office in 2000.

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