Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week: Vickie LeCroy

JACKSON, Tenn. — This week’s Educator of the Week, Vickie LeCroy, teaches her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders about Maria Montessori, the namesake of Community Montessori School of Jackson.

“It’s a very special way of teaching and learning and I think its a nice environment for children,” LeCroy said.

But teaching hasn’t always been her career. Her background is in engineering.

“I worked as a civil engineer for 10 years. I had small children and I volunteered in their schools and volunteered at church and Girl Scouts and tutoring programs, and I really love working with the children,” LeCroy said.

After working with students in these extracurricular activities, she said it was a move to Cincinnati that then led her to go into teaching and get her masters in Montessori education.

“With engineering, you learn how to learn, and so it definitely can apply to the classroom,” LeCroy said.

LeCroy said you’ll also see her love for the field as she teaches math and science to her students.

“It’s a very rewarding field and for me, I feel like it was a good fit with my skills and I really like teaching,” LeCroy said.

Starting in April, LeCroy will be eligible to be the state-wide Educator of the Month. To vote for her or the other nominees, go to www.seehowitaddsup.com


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