13-year-old girl recovers after being hit by gunshot through bedroom window

JACKSON, Tenn. — Sheryl Williamson says a bullet entered her home Sunday morning and hit her 13-year-old daughter, Gabby, in the back of her leg.

“I heard my daughter screaming, and then I heard the last four shots I heard, and she was screaming, ‘Momma, I’ve been shot,’ So I knew my house had been shot up,” Williamson said.

Police say it happened at four in the morning on the single-digit block of Idlewild Street in east Jackson. Williamson says she, three of her children and two of her grandchildren were sleeping at the time.

We met Gabby after she came home from the hospital Monday afternoon. She says the doctors told her it was best to just keep the bullet where it is, lodged in her side.

“They said they can’t get it out. If they take it out, it’s going to hurt more,” Gabby said.

Sheryl says she found the bullet shells only a few feet outside of her house, right in the front yard. She said she has no idea who would have done this to her family or why.

She’s a good student. She’s a good child, and she’s been hit for something she has nothing to do with, you know. It’s sad,” Williamson said.

She says she feels lucky her daughter’s injury was not more serious.

The Jackson Police Department says this is an open case that is under investigation at this time. They urge anyone with additional information to call them immediately.

Jackson police spokesman Lt. Derick Tisdale confirmed the shooting, but when we asked he would not say if any arrests have been made or if officers have any suspects.

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