Town of Gibson holds special meeting to discuss police issues


GIBSON, Tenn. — Town leaders meet to address concerns over allegations of an uncertified man riding in the city’s police cars.

“He’s done been told not to be there. He should not have been in the car or nothing,” Alderman Clyde Frye said.

Aldermen of the town of Gibson met Monday in a special meeting to address the issue.

“He was standing on the passenger side of the car in combat position with his hand on his weapon,” another alderman said during the meeting.

One alderman said non-city employees are not allowed in the cars, especially ones with little experience.

“I just have a problem with someone not certified. I have been a police officer, so I know what it’s all about,” the alderman said.

“He’s a reserve, if you want to call it that. He’s qualified on the gun roll, I reckon,” Frye said.

That is not all the man is accused of doing.

“I go up here and watch court one night and he is the one handling the documents while you’re over there doing what you do over there,” one alderman said.

The board told the police chief the man is not allowed in the cars anymore. They stressed it was nothing personal.

“If he wants to be a policeman, then he needs to go somewhere where he can learn to be a policeman and get him some experience and then come back,” the alderman said. “We’ve got all these lawsuits, and every one of them have been police related.”

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