Residents clean up after tornado touches down in Carroll County


CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. — Confirmation of an EF-0 tornado in Carroll County Thursday night comes as no surprise to many in the area after they woke up Friday morning to heavy damage.

“I was just looking out the back door. I couldn’t get the light on because the electricity had done went out, and so when I finally got the flashlight on, that fence was coming in the door at me,” Huntingdon resident Hunter Peterson said. “It seemed like a movie or something. It was crazy. Then I saw the patio furniture flying across the fields. It was crazy.”

Carroll County residents are left picking up the pieces after the storm.

“Tornado warning came out about 10:06 last night,” Carroll County EMA Director Janice Newman said. “We had trees in the road, power lines down, some homes that were damaged, some barns.”

“It pretty much just lifted the roof off the shop, and the whole left side of it is gone,” Peterson said. “Don’t really know where that’s at either. I’m still finding pieces of it out here in the front yard.”

Frank Dodd says there have been four columns in front of his home in Huntingdon ever since he built it back in 1971. That is, until Thursday night.

“When I started putting towels down to keep the water from coming in the door, I heard a bigger noise, and I was like, something’s hit the side of the wall,” Dodd said. “I went out to see what I could see, and I see one of my columns laying out in the driveway.”

And that wasn’t the only thing on the Dodd property that was blown down by the strong winds.

“The wife and I was starting to eat breakfast this morning, and I looked out the window there when I was pouring my coffee, and I said, ‘sugar, our big pine tree’s down,'” Dodd said.

“I’m still looking for my dog pen, if anybody sees that,” Peterson said. “It’s scattered throughout.”

Newman says first responders and neighbors spent the day Friday helping those hit the hardest. Officials say to notify your utility company if you still experience power outages.

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