Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week: Amanda Lessenberry

JACKSON, Tenn. — Nineteen years ago, Amanda Lessenberry taught her first group of kindergarten students, and she’s never looked back.

“I love my kids,” Lessenberry said. “I love teaching them, but I love seeing them grow most of all in all aspects of education, making good choices, being responsible. It’s amazing. I wouldn’t do anything else.”

Lessenberry said she went to college to be a nurse but knew during her junior year she needed to go into education. She loves being one of the first educators in her students’ lives.

“They’re excited to be here, they’re eager to learn, they want to learn, and I just love that because it helps me to get excited,” she said. “When you’ve done something for 20 years, you think you’d get in the same rut, but every day is different.”

Caywood Elementary is the same school that molded Lessenberry into the teacher she is today. She says each of her teachers made a significant impact in her life. She also said it’s important to have a good team to work with.

“Get in a school system where you’ve got a good team to work with and that will make your job a lot easier and make you enjoy it, and then you can focus on the kids,” Lessenberry said.

Lessenberry will now be eligible for the Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Month Award. Beginning in April, to vote for her or any of the other nominees, visit www.seehowitaddsup.com.

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