TDOT salts roads for round 2 of winter weather

JACKSON, Tenn. — Tennessee Department of Transportation crews treated roads again Monday trying to get ahead of more winter weather.

“Our crews are full force right now,” TDOT Operations District 48 Engineer Steven Sellers said.

Sellers said because of the rain they are using mostly salt so it does not wash away. Crews targeted specific areas. “Mostly our interstates and our bridges and our structures that we have that can freeze first,” Sellers said.

TDOT said it used about 56,000 gallons of brine and nearly 400 tons of salt on West Tennessee interstate and state routes for this weekend’s winter weather.

Sellers said TDOT still has more than 210,000 gallons of brine in reserve and more than 27,000 tons of salt stockpiled. “We have plenty on hand,” Sellers said. “It’s been a very mild winter.”

The Jackson Street Department said it has about 500 tons of salt on hand.

Workers with the Jackson Street Department and TDOT both said they are monitoring the roads. TDOT said it plans to re-evaluate the weather situation again later in the day and determine what to do with personnel.

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