Gardeners concerned for cold weather’s affects on plants, trees

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JACKSON, Tenn.-A warm February caused some plants in West Tennessee to bloom early.

So now, some gardeners are concerned about the recent cold snap and how it will affect those plants.
Experts at Morris Nursery told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News, most plants are able to adapt to sudden changes in weather.

But there is one tree in the area that will not survive if temperatures drop below 27 degrees.

“The one thing you might have is if you have peach trees you’ll probably lose your peach blossom in this years peach crop if we drop down as low as predicted,” said James Wick with Morris Nursery.

Wick said if you have a peach tree or any other plant that has already bloomed, it is a good idea to place a sheet on those plants overnight.
He said coating those plants with some water in the morning also helps.


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