Another West Jackson home shot into Friday afternoon

JACKSON, Tenn. — Two rival gangs have literally been gunning for each other in west Jackson. The Jackson Police Chief said he is putting more boots on the ground after a string of gunfire in the Lambuth area. Neighbors said they are shocked so much violence has happened in less than 24 hours.

“I was back in my bedroom and I heard a ”pop, pop, pop,’ Daniel Snyder who lives in the area said.

For the third time in just 12 hours, gunfire rings out through west Jackson, Friday during lunch time. A home in the 300 block of West King Street was shot into, sending one man to the emergency room.

“I heard something sound like ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,'” one neighbor said off camera. “Sounds like fireworks. It was quite a bit, about five or six maybe more.”

“In the last 12 hours there’s been a couple of houses shot, we believe that they’re related,” Jackson Police chief Julian Wiser said. “It does appear the be gang-related between two different groups.”

“It sounded like it was at the end of the street, I can’t believe that it would be so muffled just from a couple houses down,” Snyder said. “And it was definitely a pistol, it was not a rifle.”

Neighbors told us off camera they actually saw the man who was wounded in the gunfire.

“I heard about five gun shots,” another neighbor said. “I went to the door and I saw a man running between houses holding his upper thigh, maybe his abdomen. Screaming that he was shot and to call the police.”

Just a few hours later Friday, Jackson police responded to yet another shooting, just around the corner, on Linden Street. Authorities say no one was hit, but there was some property damage.

Thursday night, police say was the first gang-related shootings to a home on Burkett St. and on King St. where homes were shot into but no one was hurt. Chief Julian Wiser said two armed suspects were arrested early Friday morning along Burkett Street nearby.

“There will a dramatic increase in police presence in this area where we’ve have these two shooting in the last 12 hours,” Chief Wiser said.

Although that shooting on Linden Street also had a home shot at in West Jackson, it is not clear if that shooting is connected to the gang activity.

Police encourage neighbors to report any suspicious activity. The chief says if anyone see people or vehicles that are not usually in the neighborhood to give the Jackson Police Department a call at (731) 425-8400.

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