Obion Co. Museum merges with Discovery Park of America

UNION CITY, Tenn. — The past is getting a fresh start in Obion County.

The Obion County Commission approved a merger between the Obion County Museum and the Discovery Park of America, relinquishing all of their artifacts to the park.

“When Mr. Kirkland decided to build Discovery Park, he went to the museum and said, ‘hey, you’ve got a lot of stuff that we would like to have. Let’s start working together,'” DPA CEO Jim Rippy said. “We are just merging the groups together so we’ll officially have the things that the museum had, and so that’s the purpose of the merger.”

Mr. Rippy says three of the board members for the Discovery Park are also board members for the Obion County Museum, which has helped create continuity and bring the merger to a close.

“So their collection, parts of it are here and parts of it are still out there,” he said.

Rippy said this is a special exhibit, allowing those who grew up in Obion County, and those who didn’t, an opportunity to check out their roots.

“Growing up here really helps because I know who to ask, who not to ask and what to find, and a lot of this stuff, it brings back memories to me,” he said.

Rippy said they will be expanding the Obion County exhibit into one of the log cabins on the grounds in the next six months.