City of Bradford cleans up after flooding

BRADFORD, Tenn. — The town of Bradford said the flooding didn’t catch them off guard, but it was how quickly water covered the roads.

“Everybody knows it’s going to flood when there’s very much rain at all,” Bradford Police Chief David Andrews said. “It will flood, especially in the school area. We try to get everybody evacuated when we know it’s coming.”

In a matter of hours, the streets went from waterways back to highways. Officials say no one was hurt in the flooding.

“The water came up so fast it’s left a lot more leaves, debris and mud than normal,” said Larry McCartney, maintenance and transportation supervisor for the Bradford Special School District. “I’ve seen a lot of floods, and usually it doesn’t leave this much debris.”

Bradford Schools are on spring break this week, but school officials said there’s a good bit of cleanup on their hands before students return.

“We can’t just get a garden hose and wash off our parking lot,” McCartney said. “We’ve got to figure all this out, and trying to find other people’s belongings that are lodged in our fence.”

“We’ve got public works out. They’re going around making sure the drains are cleaned out,” Chief Andrews said. “And we’ve got a lot of debris in town, but right now everything’s right back to normal.”

But town officials said it’s storms like these that show the character of the town — neighbors helping neighbors.

“They just pull together, like yesterday,” Chief Andrews said. “When I got done patrolling, everybody came out to help.”

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