Boys and Girls Club holds annual ‘Steak and Burger Dinner’ fundraiser

JACKSON, Tenn.-An annual event has kids and adults gathering around the table as a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club.

The annual Steak and Burger Dinner is one of the Boys and Girls Club’s major fundraisers for theĀ  year.
Thursday night, kids dined on steaks, while the adults had hamburgers.

The guest speaker at the event was Rochelle Stevens, a two-time Olympic champion in track and field.
Stevens spoke on inspiring children to achieve their goals.

“My message to them is that you can be successful and in the middle of success is two ‘c’s. So my first ‘c’ is going to be to challenge them and the second ‘c’ is to make the correct choices so you can be a success in life,” said Stevens.

This was their 32nd annual Steak and Burger Dinner fundraiser.


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