Annual child abuse prevention parade marches through downtown Alamo

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. — Hundreds of kids went down the rabbit hole this morning in Crockett County, taking a stand against child abuse.

The kids were grooving early Friday morning, prepping for a parade to prevent child abuse.

“It’s neglect — it could be sexual or physical abuse — which neglect counts as one of the No. 1 causes of abuse,” said Victoria Willis with the Crockett County Carl Perkins Center.

Three hundred kindergartners from every school in Crockett County marched around the courthouse Friday morning because they are mad about child abuse.

“The kids really get into it, and we just think it’s a great thing and we hope that we can help stop the abuse. Even for just one child, it would be wonderful,” board member Donna Nanney said.

This year, the theme is Alice in Wonderland.

Organizers said they’ve hosted the parade for at least five years, and it creates a unique opportunity to educate.

“I just think that the earlier you can teach them what it is, what it means to be abused and what the signs are and that it’s OK to talk about it and tell someone, the earlier the better,” Nanney said.

All the kids had signs with different quotes, but all with one message — to end child abuse.

“Our mission statement says it all, which is we help prevent and provide the basics of life for families who can’t do that,” Willis said.

After the parade, the Crockett County mayor read a proclamation declaring April Child Abuse Prevention Month.

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