International choir spreads love throughout West Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — A children’s choir from half-way around the world made a stop to sing for a Hub City church Sunday morning.


There wasn’t a frown at Northside Assembly of God, as the Watoto children’s choir from Uganda stole the hearts of many.

“Their singing and dancing make you smile and laugh, their stories make you cry,” pastor Randy Carter said. “There’s just a real connection.”

Each of the 18 children are ambassadors for orphans in Africa, and hope to inspire others by sharing their stories of hope.

“It’s a concert to share stories and talk about what God has done in their lives,” Prossy Namiriou said, a Watoto team leader.

The children performed a list of spiritual songs that told a story about how they have suffered the loss of one or both of their parents.

The also detailed the story of how they were rescued by those of the Watoto village.

“We take care of the vulnerable children, even the babies,” Namiriou said. “Some of those that have been abandoned, so we just come alongside them and give them a home.”

Before returning home in July, the children will have traveled and spread their love throughout eight U.S. states.

Namiriou said they are focused on inspiring and helping the communities they visit.

She was also rescued by Watoto as a young girl, and says the village will always hold a special place in her heart.

“We are enjoying our time here, so let’s keep loving Jesus,” she said.

If you would like the support the children of the Watoto village, you can contact Northside Assembly of God here.

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