University educators give advice to high school seniors

JACKSON, Tenn. — High school graduates are choosing where they’ll spend their four years, and local colleges and universities say it’s never too late to make another visit and ask last-minute questions.

“I would certainly invite them to come out and visit with us, to make an appointment for a tour, come out and have lunch with us or something like that, and if they have questions, they can talk to just about anybody here,” University of Memphis Vice Provost Dr. Niles Reddick said.

If you’re still waiting to hear back, advisers say to be proactive.

“If they have not heard anything from the financial aid office, they definitely need to contact the financial aid office, find out if there are any missing documents that need to be submitted,” said David Clark, an academic adviser with Jackson State Community College.

To be officially admitted, your final high school transcript has to be submitted, and that usually doesn’t come until after graduation.

If you don’t know what to major in, academic advisers say you’re not alone.

“Take a class or two that maybe you’re not sure about,” Clark said. “I usually use philosophy. You’d be surprised how many people have taken philosophy and it jump-started their career.”

Educators say once the paperwork is in, enjoy summer, because the real work will begin in the fall.

“This is a great time in their lives, and they don’t want to worry too much about the future,” Dr. Reddick said. “Of course, you want to plan and do some things to make sure you’re prepared, but you don’t want that to be all-consuming either.”

Advisers said you need to go online or call the campus to sign up for an orientation session. You will choose classes at orientation, and there are more class choices the earlier you sign up.

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