River City Farmers Market in Savannah opens mid-week for summer

SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Downtown Savannah is flooded with vendors Wednesday morning at the River City Farmers Market on Savannah’s Main Street.

Dairy, handmade items and canned goods are just a few things you can find.

“I have carrot cake jam, jalapeno jelly, habanero gold,” vendor Tamara Davis said.

Davis is one of nearly a dozen vendors. She’s made the items for years but is new to selling.

“I’ve been canning and doing stuff like this for a long time, but the pursuit of actually going out into the market selling to local consumers is relatively new,” Davis said.

Tourism Director Beth Pippin said there’s something for everybody.

“We get a lot of people from all over the county that come in for this,” Pippin said. “A lot of the farmers are from maybe the Saltillo or Olive Hill area, and they bring their goods to town and everybody gets to enjoy.”

For Davis, the venture allows for friendships to be made.

“Everybody helps everybody else out. If I don’t have something, I always send them to someone that may have it,” Davis said.

Organizers say you can look forward to upcoming themed days such as strawberry shortcake and summer salsa days.

The River City Farmers Market is open by 7:30 each Wednesday morning and closes down around 1 o’clock.

The market will be open until November.

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