Dyersburg firefighters complete vehicle rescue training

DYERSBURG, Tenn. — Your local firefighters do more than just put out house fires.

“We also respond to motor vehicle accidents, and we never know what type of accident it might be,” Capt. John Doyle of the Dyersburg Fire Department said.

So this week, the Dyersburg Fire Department went over the proper tools and methods that would be used in unique situations.

“There was a school bus accident in Chattanooga last year, and fortunately we have never had anything like that happen here in Dyersburg or Dyer County,” Doyle said. “But in the event that an accident involving a school bus were to happen, we wanted our firefighters to be familiar with the safety features.”

Capt. Terry Potter of the Crossville Fire Department says he has been a firefighter for over 30 years and bases these practice scenarios on situations he has seen while on the job.

“A lot of the things that we’re doing in the class, you know, they may never do them in their career,” Capt. Potter said. “We try to make them that unique, but if they run into that situation, they at least have an idea of how to approach it.”

Capt. Doyle says the exercises covered Monday in the training are primarily to teach Dyersburg firefighters not how to remove the patient from the vehicle but rather how to remove the vehicle from the patient.

“When someone’s trapped in a car, they want out,” Doyle said. “They want out in a hurry, and we have to get them to definitive medical care as quickly as possible.”

Firefighters say a life-or-death situation on the scene of an accident is not the time to learn.

“It just makes you more confident,” Dyersburg firefighter Doug DeSpain said. “If you trained right, when you come to a situation like a school bus, you’ll be more confident to use your tools and be quicker and efficient.”

The department says about 50 firefighters have successfully completed the two-day training this week.

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