Trenton holds Annual Teapot Festival

TRENTON, Tenn. — The 525 teapots encased  at City Hall in Trenton are the inspiration for the Teapot Festival they host every year.

“You think, well a teapot is a teapot, but you’ll have to see these to really appreciate them,” said Betty Poteet, Chairman on the Teapot Festival Committee.

The opening ceremony of the 37th annual Teapot Festival took place Sunday evening in Trenton. Festival committee members went over events that will take place throughout the week and announced this year’s parade marshal.

“Just a lot of activities this week. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be great to be a part of it,” said this year’s parade marshal, Eric Allen.

Some of the activities this week include a teapot trot, pet show, tractor pull, flower show, and the big teapot parade this Saturday.

“When you’re in a small town, you don’t have very much activities going on,” Poteet said, “but this is a fun week when something is going on everyday.”

To many people the teapots in the Trenton collection may just look like pots for serving tea, but Trenton residents say, they are an important part of their culture and history.

“Dr. Freed gave us those teapots in the 1950’s. When he was getting up in his age, him and his brother decided to give them to Trenton, and we’ve stored them in the high school for a while, but now they’re encased at City Hall; so we’re very proud of them,” said Trenton Mayor Ricky Jackson.

“Years ago in the 1870’s and all, there was no electricity, and some of these are that old, and it brought a light to a sick room and also kept broth or medicine warm,” said Sarah Wren, Chairman on the Teapot Festival Committee.

Representatives say, the value of the collection is uncertain, but to Trenton residents, they are priceless.

If you are interested in a complete list of events, visit https://www.Facebook.Com/trenton-teapot-festival-299600853578515/

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