1 seriously injured in north Jackson shooting; neighbors shaken


JACKSON, Tenn. — A person is hospitalized after gunfire early Wednesday morning in a north Jackson neighborhood. Jackson police aren’t saying much about the shooting, but neighbors are.

“Very scary for sure, very scary,” Katie Kemker who lives in the area said.

A little after 1 o’clock Wednesday morning, Jackson police respond to a shooting in the 800 block of Hatchmor Drive near Old Humboldt Road. Officers say when they arrived they found a victim, who has yet to be identified, had been shot. The gunfire was loud enough to wake some neighbors.

“I could see the flashing lights through the window,” one neighbor said off camera. “Then I saw an ambulance, and I knew somebody was hurt.”

Many neighbors say they didn’t know a shooting happened so close to their home.

“Completely surprised,” Kemker said. “I’ve lived here, single mom, just me and my baby for a year and never had any problems.”

“It’s very quiet and peaceful, and it was very surprising to know it was a shooting over there,” Evita Lanton, who lives in the area, said.

Investigators say the victim was taken by ambulance with serious injuries.

Jackson police say this does not appear to be random. Investigators believe the victim was targeted but wouldn’t say if the person was shot while inside or outside of the home.

“It’s disturbing, and this is what’s happening nowadays, but it’s a little shocking,” Lanton said. “I hope that they find out what happened there and get somebody in custody very soon.”

“Pray for the victim,” one neighbor said off camera. “Lift up our police to find that person responsible and accountable for what happened.”

Police will not say if they have any suspects or have taken anyone into custody in connection with the shooting.

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