Home burglary suspect flees from car accident


BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. — Benton County Sheriff Kenny Christopher says he needs your help finding the suspects in a string of daytime home burglaries that have happened over the past two weeks.

“Exactly the same MO as they’ve had in adjoining counties, so we feel like it’s all related,” Sheriff Christopher said. “And they’re getting the same items from there, destroying the house in the same way.”

One of the suspects was identified Thursday morning when he drove a stolen car off of Birdsong Road, almost crashing into a nearby home.

“We found the car to have drugs, several stolen guns, hand tools, jewelry, things like that,” said the sheriff. “All of these things we have now had people come up and identify them as part of these burglaries.”

The sheriff says they suspect these crimes to be drug-related and the suspects to be armed and dangerous.

“Desperate. I would say very desperate,” Sheriff Christopher said. “I would say if you have loaded shotguns and pistols stuck in the door, drugs readily available in your vehicle when we find it, and all the people we have as suspects have been involved in drugs in the past.”

He urges anyone who sees something to say something.

“If you’re in your own neighborhood and see something that don’t look right, the people who are there at a house don’t look right, or vehicles that are normally not in your area, give us a call, let us check it out,” Sheriff Christopher said.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office says it will have extra deputies on patrol until these burglary suspects are caught. The sheriff says they also hope to have people of interest in custody soon.

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