Tool helps consumers track scams online

JACKSON, Tenn. — Twenty-five million Americans are falling victim to scams each year, whether by phone or online.

The Better Business Bureau said there’s a way to track fraud across the United States, including West Tennessee.

“These are scams that vary with internet-based scams, IRS impostor scams, debt collection scams, phishing email scams,” said Randy Hutchinson with the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB’s website will show an interactive map of the United States and what types of scams are happening in each part of the country.

“If you get an offer sometimes you think may be suspicious, you can go on there and see if perhaps other people have reported they’re receiving the same offer and they have more information,” Hutchinson said.

Consumers are asked to report any phone calls they’ve gotten on the website.

The bureau said the only way they receive this information is from people who provide it to them. That’s why they want you to be a part of the process and report a scam, whether or not you fell victim to it.

Just in April, there were 12 scams reported in West Tennessee, ranging from sweepstakes to debt collections and online purchases.

The BBB’s website also has a search feature allowing you to track individual businesses and their reputations.

To see the interactive map for yourself, click here to visit the Better Business Bureau’s website.

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