Sink or Swim, The Science of Staying Afloat in a Cardboard Boat

UNION CITY, Tenn. — Can you successfully engineer a boat with just cardboard and duct tape? Many attempted the challenge at the Discovery Park of America’s Cardboard Boat Regatta.

“We basically had to build a giant cardboard boat using duct tape and cardboard,” said Nadia Sommerville, a student at Dresden Middle School.

Sommerville and her classmates spent weeks working on their boat, Golden Pearl.

“We used the engineering design process, we had to figure out a prototype and use the steps to figure out how much a person would weigh and how much support it needs to have,” says Sommerville.

While they did not take home first place, all the hard work paid off, they earned  3rd place in the singles division. Vaughn Electric Company took home 1st place with their boat named Lightning Boat.

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