Don’t forget your license as fishing season warms up

JACKSON, Tenn. — Now that the weather is warming up, it’s prime time for anyone who loves to fish.

But before you hit the water, don’t forget these important things.

Seasoned fishermen in the area know you must have an up-to-date fishing license from the state. They can be bought at any sporting goods store or at a TWRA office.

But the most important thing to remember — If you’re on the water, wear your life jacket.

“This is in case you fall in the lake, this will help you stay afloat. It will help you stay afloat until you can get back in your boat if you can,” local fisherman Flash Bertot said.

Bertot says some of his favorite spots to fish in our area include Lake Graham, Gibson County Lake and Browns Lake in Natchez Trace State Park.

He also says the best time to head out on the water is early morning when the fish are biting.

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