Jackson-Madison County students dismiss for summer break

JACKSON, Tenn. — Students at Arlington Elementary School talk about their favorite parts of the school year.

“We like playing on the computers and playing dominos,” fourth grader Sultan Alludi said.

“Reading and math and meeting my new teacher,” student Maleigha Wilson said.

Thursday, students walked into their classrooms for the last time this school year, and they have big summer plans.

“This summer, I’m going to Miami to go to Disney World, and then three weeks after that I’m going to California,” Jaida Kelley said.

“Watch TV and play with my brothers,” Alludi said.

“We’re basically going to travel around to every state maybe, and then come back. It’s going to take up the whole summer, which I’m glad about ’cause I get to sleep a lot and swim a lot,” student Brian Henderson said.

Teachers said they’re also excited about a break.

“We have to pretend it’s the students, but really it’s the teachers. As excited as they are, we’re just a little more excited I think,” second grade teacher Kim Cook said. “We had a great class this year, and we hate to see our children leave.”

There’s also some work to do before students return.

“There’s some professional developments, revamping our classrooms and trying to do new things each year so the kids come back to something fresh,” special education teacher Susan Hutchins said.

Some students will be moving to middle school.

“I’m scared but happy at the same time, but I get more opportunities,” fifth grader Justice Ross said.

Others will be back in the fall, but will miss sleeping in.

“I don’t want to wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning,” Henderson said.

Madison County students return to school Aug. 4.

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