Evangelist Franklin Graham draws thousands to the Hub City

JACKSON, Tenn. — Thousands from across the Mid-South travel to the Hub City, Friday night to hear the message of an evangelist known around the world.

Franklin Graham is carrying on the legacy of his father, Billy Graham. He says the “Decision America Tennessee Tour” is getting folks across the Volunteer State to reconnect with God and pray for the healing in a divided country.

“After destruction, disaster and turmoil in your life, there’s hope,” attendee Tracy King said.

As the Jackson Fairgrounds opened, folks rushed in to claim their spot for the “Decision America Tennessee Tour”. Many excited for what the night had in store.

“Better than a ball game,” attendee Marie Marr said. “Even better than a graduation. I saw a grandson graduate last night but this is going to be better. A blessing and to see souls saved.”

“When people come here they wont be the same when they leave,” King said. “That they experience the power of God in their life.”

Led by singer Jeremy Camp, thousands lifted their hands in worship. Saying this is an opportunity for re-dedication and to give thanks as a community. Franklin Graham said that is exactly why he is here.

“For people that don’t have that relationship, I’m going to invite them to put their faith a trust in Jesus Christ tonight,” Evangelist Franklin Graham said.

By nightfall, Graham took the stage to deliver his message. But most of all, to pray for our country he said is falling apart.

“The Democrats can’t solve the problem, the Republicans can’t solve these problems,” Graham said. “Only God can solve these problems. So I want people to call on God and ask for his help.”

Graham said now more than ever, people need reassurance that America can be healed.

“And we need God’s help if we’ve going to survive as nation,” Graham said. “And our communities are getting more divided. When you see the hate that’s in peoples heart, only God can fix that.”

Organizers estimate more than 7,300 people in attendance, Friday night. That is the biggest turnout in the smallest city for Graham’s tour.
The night did have a few protesters from the “Indivisible Jackson” group. They held signs calling for unity across all races and religions.

Graham will make his final stop of his “Tennessee Tour” Sunday in Memphis. His next tour starts in October as he makes his way across the Lone Star state.

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