Teachers talk about how to prevent ‘summer slide’


MILAN, Tenn. — Summer break is underway for most West Tennessee students, but many teachers hope it’s not a complete break from learning.

“The summer slide is a very real thing,” third grade teacher Brenda Merritt said. “Our kids do have to review a lot at the beginning of the year.”

Merritt said that’s the situation at many schools after a long summer, and getting students back to where they were academically before the break can be a challenge.

Teachers said the summer break is a time for relaxation and fun, but that doesn’t mean your child needs to stop learning.

Pre-K teacher Tonya Taylor said there are many ways parents can keep the learning going.

“Reading signs while you are riding in the car, naming the colors, talking about the days of the week and the weather are just a few examples,” she said.

Although summer work is not required at many Tennessee schools, parents can always request it.

“We do have parents that request work for their children, but we don’t require it,” Merritt said.

Director of Schools Jonathan Criswell said the break is well deserved.

“I wish the parents the best of summer and hope they enjoy their family time,” he said. “I hope the students enjoy their time off and come back ready to learn next year.”

Teachers also recommend getting your child involved in summer library programs.

The Milan Special School District as well as the Jackson-Madison County School System will start back the first week of August.

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